Our Family

We are very lucky to have so much support from our friends and family.  We see our families often. Some of our favorite family traditions include BBQ's in the summer, celebrating birthdays throughout the year and decorating the tree at Christmas time!  We celebrate all the holidays with our family, and we are the hosts for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We can't wait to include a little one with their cousins during these times. The entire family is ecstatic about us becoming parents!

Our Friends

Some of our favorite things to do with our friends include cook-outs in the summer, swimming in our pool, camping and traveling with the camper, attending local fairs and street festivals, pumpkin picking in the fall.  Many of our close friends have children, so our child will always have friends to have play-dates with.  One special thing about our many friends is that our families know our friends very well from the different celebrations and events and sometimes our friends join us at our families homes too.